Are your windows covered with a thick blanket of spots or layered in specks of dust to an extent where manual working doesn’t quite seem like an option? Well, then it’s time for you to contact the professionals. But before that, you must prepare yourself with the price estimates to help budget the project.

The average cost of window cleaning

There is supposedly no fixed price chart available to define how much a window cleaning session cost you. However, estimates can give you a clear picture of how much you should expect to pay before shopping for a service provider.

Window washing prices can vary depending on the

  • number of windows

  • number of window panes

  • the window screens

  • the intensity of spots and dirt that layer your window

As we have many different parameters to consider, pointing to a single price could be challenging. However, we can categorize the expenses in a diverse range like:

  • National Average Cost: $258

  • Minimum Cost: $170

  • Maximum Cost: $570

  • Average Range: $150 to $365

Distribution of window cleaning prices

Most of the window cleaning services charge on three parameters:

  • Number of windows

  • Number of windowpanes OR

  • Hourly basis

How to calculate the estimated price of your window cleaning ?

Here’s are the steps to calculate the cost of window cleaning services:

  • Count the number of windows or window panes in your house. We charge by the number of windows we clean, irrespective of the number of stories in your building.

  • Now we have a specific outline regarding how we count windows. Here’s how we count windows: 

  • Now calculate the fee by multiplying the number of windows by the average price range per window mentioned above.

Types of windows and their cleaning prices along with additional charges
  • Regular windows (exteriors only): $6 per pane

  • Regular windows (basic in and out): $9

  • Regular windows (premium in and out): $11

  • French windows (exteriors only): $8 per pane

  • French window (more extensive premium): $13 per pane

  • French window (basic in and out): 11 dollars per pane

  • The minimum charge can be 170 dollars along with a $20 extra called the service trip charge.

  • The service trip charge gets added to every invoice.

  • Storm windows are not acknowledged here

While you are shopping for a window cleaning service, you need to consider a competent, experienced, skilled, and reputed service provider in the area. So, if you are looking for a window cleaning service that fits every requirement mentioned above, contact Texan Window Cleaning at (972) 214-9904