It is confusing to figure out how much it costs to hire pressure washing services because there are multiple factors to consider. Factors like local competition and demand have a huge role to play. Power washing services cannot deviate much from the average price in the service area.

By following some simple steps, you can easily estimate the money you need to set aside get pressure washing done on your premises. Here are some factors to consider:

Measure the Area

It goes without saying that the price will increase proportionately with the area covered. More work and material will be needed for a larger area. Thus, you should measure the square footage of the area you wish to wash.

You should have the service provider visit your property in person to give you a good idea about the service’s estimated cost. The reason for this is that conditions vary from house to house. Also, you should be clear on your requirements to get results as per your expectations. Don’t forget to let your service provider know of any special services that you may require.

Get to Know the Pricing Strategy of Your Service Provider

Usually, pressure washing services base their prices on any of the following standards:

  • Per square foot

  • Per hour

  • Flat rate

If you choose to pay based on the area being covered, the per square foot area pricing strategy would be a safe bet. Some service providers apply charges based on how long it takes to complete the service. In that case, you could go for the per-hour pricing strategy.

Some seasoned professionals charge at a flat rate. Given their experiences, they can easily determine the amount of effort and time needed to finish the job just by looking at the site. For example, they would know how rough surfaces can affect the work area and quote the price accordingly.

Additional Cost Details

Most Pressure cleaning companies are required to use various chemical substances when working through the decks, roofs, fences, and sliders. These chemical cleansers come at additional costs apart from the service charges they ask for. So, before you confirm your order get an estimate for the materials cost.

It is also crucial for you to know that, depending on your preference, you will be additionally charged for a hot water wash.

Additional Cost Details

Most Pressure Washing Companies give you a Free estimate when you engage them for the services. You can save a lot of time just by calling them to come out and give you an estimate, so you can spend your valuable time on budgeting for the service and enjoy clean house once the service is done!

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