Getting your windows cleaned at the correct time in Dallas, TX ensures they stay clean for a long time after that. It ensures your windows don’t get affected by harsh weather conditions. This article will show you when the best time to get your windows cleaned is and show you the importance of using window cleaning services.

What Is The Best Weather for Window Cleaning?

The best time to clean your windows is during the warmer months, but before it gets too hot. This means during the late summer, winter, and fall seasons. Ideally, window cleaning should be done when temperatures range between 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Getting your windows cleaned in too hot temperatures is not efficient, as the hot conditions will cause the cleaning solvent to evaporate too quickly. This will make it hard to clean the glass and can result in water spots or streaks.
You can also clean your windows in Dallas, TX, during the winter months. Texas doesn’t experience freezing temperatures. Call the cleaners on an overcast day if you want your windows cleaned during winter. This will prevent streaking and get you squeaky clean windows.

To get the best window cleaning in Dallas, TX, consult with professional window cleaners. They will help you determine the best time to clean your windows and offer you professional window cleaning services.

Can You Clean Your Windows on a Rainy Day?

Most people assume that cleaning your windows after it has just rained or when there is a rainy forecast is unnecessary. The truth is, however, that the rain will not affect your windows. The important thing is to get them cleaned before the rain falls.

Dirty windows look even worse after rainfall as it highlights the dirt and debris. A clean window will stay clean after the rain. Using a cleaning solution instead of just rainwater to clean your windows is necessary for a sparkling clean window. Our cleaners can have your windows shining before or after a rainy day without a problem.

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

You should have your windows’ exterior cleaned at least three times a year for the best results. This is enough time to get any dust and debris from your windows. It also ensures you go into the new season with clean windows.

Interior cleaning for residential homes should be done at least once every year, on top of the regular wiping down. You might need your windows cleaned more frequently if you have children or pets or are a smoker.

Do I Need to Get My Windows Professionally Cleaned?

While going through your windows with a regular window cleaner once in a while can be enough, it will not produce as clean windows as professional cleaning. Standard window cleaners do not remove all the dirt etched on your windows. In some cases, it can even spread the dirt around even more and risks scratching your glass.

The window cleaning tools used by professional window cleaners in Dallas, TX, are some of the most effective in window cleaning. A good professional window cleaning service will not leave your windows with static electricity that attracts more dirt. A window cleaning technician can also notice anything that needs fixing that might miss the untrained eye and have it fixed for you.

The quality of cleaning you get from professionals is also better and saves you a lot of time. You also won’t need to clean your windows for a long time after that, saving you money as well.

Consult Us For Your Window Cleaning Services

Our aim at Texan Window Cleaning is to make your windows shine. We do professional and residential window cleaning services at fair and affordable fees. The tools we use meet the industry standard, and our experts will ensure you get the best service possible. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your window cleaning in Dallas, TX.