Window cleaning is an essential practice that can boost your property’s appearance. This measure also eliminates hard water stains that may affect the surface’s integrity. Getting professional window cleaning will simplify achieving the desired hygiene and aesthetic appeal while ensuring safety.

However, selecting the right company may be challenging due to the numerous service providers in the market. Here, we help you understand what to know before hiring a professional by discussing some questions to ask.

1. Do You Have a License?

While some states, including Texas, do not require window cleaners to have a license, this document is vital for various reasons. First, it shows that the professional has the necessary qualifications to offer such services. You can also confirm the eligibility of their business and protect yourself in case a legal issue arises.
Contact the window cleaning companies you consider and inquire if they have a permit. Further, request them to show you a copy to confirm validity.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

A window cleaning professional who has been in the business for a long time will likely be more effective. This aspect is since the specialist learns new skills on the job. They also develop new strategies to clean windows without causing damage and achieve the desired results with less effort.
Determine how long a professional has been in business before hiring them. If they work for a window cleaning company, check when it started. An ideal window cleaning professional or business is one with at least 10+ years of experience or operation.

3. Do You Have Any References?

Another aspect to confirm before hiring a commercial or residential window cleaning contractor is if they have references. A professional offering quality services will likely have a long list of past clients. They may also have testimonials on their website from property owners they served before.
If a window cleaner provides references, select random people and contact them. After that, inquire more about the professionals and their services. You should also find out if the client had any issues working with the contractor.

4. Do You Have Cleaning Equipment?

While many window cleaning professionals have the tools needed for their job, others expect clients to buy them. Confirm if the specialist you consider has the required products and tools. Further, find out if they bring safety equipment like ladders and scaffolding to the cleaning site.

5. Do You Have Insurance?

Window cleaning can be risky and lead to accidental falls. It may also cause severe injuries that require high medical costs. Before hiring a contractor, determine if they have insurance. Besides, find out whether their policy covers employees.

Replacing or repairing windows damaged during cleaning can be costly based on the level of destruction. An ideal professional should offer insurance to cover damages resulting from their actions. Besides, they should take various precautions to protect your windows and property during cleaning.

6. How Much Do You Charge for Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning costs may vary based on various factors. These are the window sizes, the amount of dirt or hard water stains, and the number of stories on your property.

Determine the amount a professional will likely charge for their services before hiring them. Moreover, inquire about the equipment and products they use. You should also determine the services included in the overall price.
This measure will help you assess if the expenses match the provided services. It also allows you to compare several experts and choose one within your budget.

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