We all know the joke that many housekeeping services specifically say, “We don’t do windows!” If you have a housekeeping or janitorial service that does offer window washing services, you still might not want to take them up on it.

Professional Window Cleaning vs. Maid Services

There are numerous DIY methods that housekeeping services use, all of which have dubious levels of effectiveness. At worst, simply using a spray cleaner like Windex and paper towels leaves a streaky mess. Rather than removing dirt, it moves it around (and often makes it more visible!), plus it’s high risk for scratching your glass. This method also creates a static charge that can actually attract more dirt.

Some claim that using newsprint avoids some of these problems, but it’s generally more of the same. Technically if you’re using this method, you’re supposed to use plain newspaper — in other words, the kind of paper that newspapers are printed on, but not an actual newspaper. These days, it’s hard enough to find a printed newspaper, let alone just the paper! And even the plain paper can still leave behind streaks and loose fibers.

Rather than relying on a maid or janitorial service to clean your windows, having professional window cleaners handle the job will give you a clearer view and help to prolong the life of your windows. Professional window cleaning crews focus on one job — cleaning your windows — and have the tools and know-how to make any shape or style of window sparkle. You can also count on cleanliness and precision.

Another way to think about it is that just because your housekeeping service cleans, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want them to clean everything. For example, clean, white teeth and a neat haircut are both part of having a pleasant appearance. Your hairdresser might also be able to do makeup and nails, and your barber can give you a shave, but would you ask either of them to give you a dental cleaning? No way!

By the same token, your windows are another area where you don’t want a jack-of-all-trades — professional window cleaners who know exactly what they’re doing and are focused on that one job which will ensure results you can rely on. If you are in the Dallas, Fort-Worth area and surrounding suburbs, and are looking for reliable, professional window cleaners for your home, office, or rental property, call Texan Window Cleaning today at 972-214-9904!